Our heroes are faced with a path forged for them by prophecy...

The Oath of Peace that has long held the powerful god-like Titans at bay is coming to an end. When it does their vengeance would be felt by untold thousands. War will come to Thylea.

Heroes forged in prophecy have emerged to reclaim the mantle of the legendary Dragonlords and keep the Titans from once again terrorizing the lands unchecked! They will face monsters, armies, and even gods...but can they defeat fate itself?

Join our amazing cast of characters as they embark on a tale of EPIC proportions!

Character creation for “Heroes of Thylea” on Tuesday 28th Jan at 10:30pm EST.

Cast Edit

Erudi13: Dungeon Master
Anna Prosser: HoT_Anna
Geneviève "livinpink" Forget: Kiki Barbare
Neal Pass Erickson: HoT_Neal
Rachel "Seltzer" Quirico: HoT_Rachel

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